Oxygen Barrier PEX Pipes With EVOH In China

Oxygen Barrier PEX Pipes With EVOH


1431592513546998.jpgRisong oxygen-barrier PEX pipes with EVOH is made up of 5 layers: PEX,adhesive,EVOH,adhesive,PEX. The layers of adhesive bind the two layers of PEX-b to the central barrier layer of EVOH by a thermal reaction. The EVOH barrier layer is right in the center, preventing the pipe from being damaged by scratch and from reducing its performance due to moisture.

With the same properties as non-barrier PEX single layer pipes, Risong oxygen barrier PEX pipes with EVOH is a better choice for under floor heating system. The EVOH layer provides an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion of metallic parts in the system such as manifolds, mixing stations, boilers, pumps, valves, connectors and the like.


Material: top quality PEX-b raw materials (Crosslinked rate≥65%),EVOH material.

Colors available: Transparent, red or blue or as per customers'requests.

Related reference: ISO15875, and GB/T18992 in China.

Packing length: packed by rolls, each roll length can be 50 meters to 500 meters

Packing Specif. (meters)
Colors Available
Transparent,red or blue
Transparent,red or blue
Transparent,red or blue

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The fittings, accessories and installation procedure are all exact same as the multilayer pipes.