Brass manifolds In China

Brass manifolds


Brass manifolds for underfloor heating systems.

Products: brass manifolds

Material: Top quality brass material, such as CW617,58-2,CW602N DZR,C48600,etc.

Colors available: Natural brass color, nickel-plated in surface or chromed in surface.

1" or 1-1/4"×2 Ways

Risong brass manifolds can be provided in sizes of 1" and  1-1/4" with outlet size of 3/4"×18.

The following items are included in our brass manifolds:

◆ 1 x Pre-assembled nickel-plated brass manifold.

Flow Rail comes with lockshields and flowmeters included. Return Rail includes white capped integrated bodies for each circuit.

◆ 2 x Isolating ball valves.

◆ 2 x Pipe union with thermometer.

◆ 2 x Automatic air vents.

◆ 1 x Pair of double offset brackets.

Risong brass manifolds can be surface mounted , concealed in a choice of         purpose designed plastic or metal cabinets or within a partition wall for a flexible solution to location.

1" or 1-1/4"×3 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×4 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×5 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×6 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×7 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×8 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×9 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×10 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×11 Ways
1" or 1-1/4"×12 Ways

Besides brass manifolds, Risong is also able to provide underfloor heating pipes, pipe connectors.,etc. For any more information, kindly please contact