Socket Fusion Fittings

Socket Fusion Fittings

Socket fusion welding is a widely used technique for assembling HDPE piping systems using socket fusion HDPE pipe fittings. 

A metal socket mounted on a hot plate heats the outside circumference of the HDPE pipe. Heating occurs along a defined length which will vary depending on the size of HDPE pipe and fitting being welded. A metal spigot on the opposite side of the hot plate simultaneously heats the inside surface of the injection moulded fitting. The length of the heated region is the same as that for the pipe.

Both HDPE fitting and pipe are heated for a set length of time after which the heated socket/spigot tooling is removed and the pipe is pushed into the fitting. Pipe and fitting are left for a predetermined time to cool and form a weld.

Risong can provide socket fusion HDPE pipe fittings with sizes ranging from 20mm to 110mm. The pressure rating of our socket fusion HDPE pipe fittings is at SDR11-PN16 bars.

Risong is also available to provide socket fusion welding machine too.