PEX Pipes

The PEX pipes from Risong are mainly used for underfloor heating.Risong offers a wide range of pipe diameters in three types: oxygen barrier PEX pipes with EVOH & non-barrier PEX pipes.

Risong non-barrier PEX pipe is produced with crosslinked polyethylene. Crosslinking is obtained through a chemical process that increases the bonds between macromolecules to form a more complex stricture than the normal polyethylene. Due to the crosslinking, the polyethylene's performance is greatly enhanced still maintain the excellent properities of thermoplastics.

Risong oxygen-barrier PEX pipes with EVOH is made up of 5 layers: PEX,adhesive,EVOH,adhesive,PEX. The layers of adhesive bind the two layers of PEX-b to the central barrier layer of EVOH by a thermal reaction. The EVOH barrier layer is right in the center, preventing the pipe from being damaged by scratch and from reducing its performance due to moisture.